It's A Passion Thing #8
It's A Passion Thing

It's A Passion Thing #8

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IT’S A PASSION THING is a biannual magazine, celebrating aptitude and passion in creating a style of life. 

In Issue No. 8:

  • GORAN REBIĆ, Vienna, The Vienna-based film director in conversation with Peter Schernhuber & Sebastian Höglinger Directors of Diagonale—Festival of Austrian Film.
  • Mirco Ilić—The Tolerance Project
  • GEBHART BLAZEK, Graz, On how to become an Expert on Moroccan Rugs and Textiles.
  • CARINA HARTL, Vienna, Chocolate Expert, On falling in love with chocolate and becoming an expert on bean-to-bar.
  • Thank You, Eve – Thoughts on food by philosopher Giulia De Meo Licht.
  • Artist Feature: José Manuel Castro López
  • LOK CHUNG, Hong Kong, The Funeral Director who set out to turn his job into an honored profession.
  • Art Of Crying—On Professional Mourning, Tomás Pinheiro explores professional mourning around the globe.
  • The Beauty of Decay—Kuriositäten, A selection of ideas that made us think twice; this time around the topic of destructive dissolution.
  • Green Green Grass—Graveyard Hopping and Music
  • SPACES & PLACES: Mexico, A look through the lens of Marko Mestrovic on his three-month trip through Mexico.
  • ANSHU AHUJA and RENEE WILLIAMS from DABBADROPB, London, On building Dabbadrop, to deliver plant-based Indian food in reusable metal tins.
  • Martin KIRCHLECHNER, Merano, Becoming a hotelier in South Tyrol, in a house that has been in the family since the 1850s.
  • Passion for the Neighborhood—Vienna
  • MATTHIAS SCHWEGER, Vienna, From producing internationally successful music to brewing internationally recognized sake in a Viennese cellar.

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